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83% of women admit masturbating but only 30% reach orgasm during intercourse.

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What happens in your body when you have sex? Do you know why sometimes you do not reach orgasm? Subscribe and download for free the guide that will help you boost your sex life.

What is GetMine?

GetMine is about female sexual health, we bring closer to every women the information and innovate devices need it to empower them in another level: taking responsibility about their pleasure and sexual wellness.

GetMine not only produce SexHealthTech devices and change the speech about female sexuality, is a Sex Positive movement with a huge human impact.

Sexual fullness goes beyond the physical pursuit of self-satisfaction or as a couple. We know that your fears, pleasures, taboos, mistrust or mental blocks are natural responses of your body.

Being aware of your brain response, your body and your erogenous zones, your hormones and emotions, makes you connect fully with your sexuality and your essence as a woman.

Do you think the female sexual response is identical to the male one? Do you want to know what the differences are?

The best way to achieve your sexual well-being is by practicing: we want to guide you through your body so that you discover yourself.

The brain activates the release of neurobiochemical substances such as endorphins and oxyto-cin. Do you want to know more about orgasm?

The clitoris has more than 8,000 nerve endings. We are created to feel.

Our Team

Mª Fernanda Peraza Godoy
CEO y Co-founder of GetMine.
Mafe is a urologist-andrologist and sexual medicine and women above all. “I’m here to innovate and disrupt  every area of women sexual experience and frame it into Health” Being the bridge between health and SexTech with the aim to connect women with their own sexuality and change the speech about female sexuality; building the core to empower women through their behave around sex. But sex is still not socially accepted at all. So, She decided to do something, to be part of the change, founding GetMine Healthy Pleasure.

Eliana Rodríguez Capriles
Director of R&D and Co-Founder of Getmine.
Industrial designer and passionate about the excellence of the product well done, Eliana always manages to materialize her empowered philosophy in her designs.
Always design products created specifically and thinking  about femininity and women empowerment, Its her passion. Make game changers that tune in with the GetMine Healthy Pleasure thinking and adapt every single detail to the needs of today’s woman, to create more attractive, functional and  aesthetic devices


Dominique Karetsos
Global Managing Director & GetMine´s Partner.
With a preference for working in disruptive industries and challenging environments, it’s no surprise that Dominnique’s passion and speciality is  in sextech start-ups. Dedicated to ensuring Getmine Healthy Pleasure is  instrumental in shaping the next generation of sextech products and philosophies.  With a true entrepreneurial passion for being part of the sextech revolution, Dominnique is an established marketing & brand architect, investor, broadcaster and global business development professional, With nearly two decades of experience delivering high-level consultancy in multi-sector business transformation and has launched and landed campaigns in over 40 markets.

The guide is written by our CEO and founder María Fernanda Peraza. She is a sexual medicine expert, so her wish is that you enjoy your sexual well-being at 100%.

In “5 mysteries about orgasm” you will find information about the female orgasms and details that maybe you cannot imagine. Information and normalization of the sexual response is a good way to begin to enjoy and take advantage of everything that makes you unique to improve and know about your sex life.

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